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My Life Inc Mission Statement
Here at My Life Inc, our efforts are centered on offering a platform for healthy living to all of our customers. We understand that this is a fairly broad idea that can entail a various things, so we’ll take the time to explore our mission statement here. The following outline serves to provide a full explanation of what the My Life Inc brand is all about.
A Commitment to Quality
  • In an industry in which each company decides for itself the definition of ‘quality’, My Life Inc chooses not to hide behind such ambiguities. We exercise only the utmost care throughout every phase of operation, from the selection of purely natural and non-GMO ingredients to the processing of finished goods. Our eyes are set on enforcing a brand known for its commitment to meticulous quality assurance. What does this mean?
  • It means that My Life Inc’s manufacturing facilities meet or exceed all United States Government regulations and strictly adhere to Dietary Supplement Standards.
  • It means that our monitoring systems oversee complete lot and batch controls, from incoming raw materials to finished goods; modern testing laboratories for incoming materials and works-in-progress; floor charting for statistical process control (SPC) of key control characteristics; final inspections of all finished goods; gauge control; and preventive maintenance of production equipment to minimize downtime.
  • It means we have nothing to hide and everything to offer. My Life Inc is a company that genuinely strives to provide the highest quality service to all of our customers; from the moment we select and acquire our materials to the second it reaches your doorstep.
A Growing Partnership
  • We here at My Life Inc are eager to extend a hand of partnership with our customers. In such a fast-paced, saturated market, it is easy to get lost in the long lists of brand names and products. What we are offering is more than a product; we are seeking connection.
  • With connection comes trust and accountability. My Life Inc believes that our transparency concerning our business practices will attract a certain type of clientele?the kind of customer that truly cares about his or her personal wellbeing and is seeking betterment in all aspects of his or her physical, mental, and emotional health.
  • Our team of professionals is available via phone or email during all normal business hours, and we are ready and willing to explore your personal health endeavors with you.
A Sense of Empowerment
  • Every portion of what we do as a company advocates the belief that the ability to lead a healthy life is a fundamental right for all.
  • We aim to create a culture amongst our client base culture that encourages and empowers each and every individual to be bold enough to demand the most out of their respective lives. Everything that is necessary for any individual to make positive changes in his or her life has been made available through our company, of which we are confident.
  • Don’t wait another day to make the changes you want to make. My Life Inc encourages a sense of ownership in our customers; ‘My Life Inc’ isn’t simply a trademark or logo we stick on our products. Our name is largely an indicator of what we hope to instill in each person we have the opportunity to interact with: the idea that your life is within your control and that there exist tangible ways in which to lead a more fulfilled, rewarding life. Whether you are starting your personal health journey today or have been committed to the cause for years, My Life Inc is here to support you every step of the way.